2015 August

August 29, 2015
Cholera In the Age of Knowledge

Let it not be written in future history, that in this period of tectonic shifts in global economics, knowledge, information and sociology we had but little to add.   So I bought this external CD drive yesterday at a whopping N25,200 somewhere in Abuja. The CD drive on my Macbook Pro is messing up; rejecting...

August 24, 2015
The Big Data Plan Rip-Off

This matter is touching me to the marrow right now. Imagine! So, these our phone companies and Internet Service Providers are trying to convince, abi na ‘confuse’ me, that i use 1GB (one gigabyte), daily! Bia, when did I start hearing of ‘Gigabyte’ sef? I just did a quick google search and it says the...

August 22, 2015

I was offered a Doctoral Degree – on a platter – by one Commonwealth University of Belize, through London Graduate School. The letter, signed by one Prof David Iornem, spoke about having noticed my contributions to blah blah blah. (i will look for it and post if i haven’t since shredded it). All i had...

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