2017 September

September 18, 2017
The Method To Fayose’s Madness

The big issue is that our politicians shut themselves in from the people, once elected or selected. Many commentators felt it was an odd thing to do to ‘stoop so low’. Yet Nigeria is where such one-on-one interaction is most desirable. The effect of such interaction is to give hope and confidence to the people...

September 18, 2017
Why Nigerian States and LGs Cannot Sustain Themselves

…the local governments and states are unable to self-sustain not because the federal government is taking too much from us all (and indeed they are), but because rather than all of us being responsible to our commonwealth, and building this, we are more interested in eating till we drop, while locked in competition with each...

September 5, 2017
The Other Cases Against Independent Candidature

Halt!! Don’t run away with the headline. It is cast as such deliberately. I am not against independent candidature as an expansion of our political space and a deepening of gravitas in that same space, if that is what it amounts to eventually. Anything that will lead to our politics actually developing the people and...

September 1, 2017
Time To Engage Nigeria’s Ingrates

Nigeria is certainly not the most diverse country in the world, neither is it the most populated. By toeing the line of disintegration and talking it down, we are only confirming our own incompetence and inability to think long-term or self-govern. We are justifying racists who say we aren’t. I recently wrote about Nigeria’s wasteful...

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