August 29, 2021

Give it to Nigerians. When someone cannot measure up in other areas of life, religion becomes the last refuge. Nigerians love their religions, perhaps a little more than they love their tribes. Their nation? Who cares about that? Who even needs a nation? We are fixing to start identifying ourselves by our tribes and religion...

August 26, 2019
Please Mr. President, Be More Active

President Buhari should try not to abdicate responsibility and/or relax having farmed out his critical work to just another person, because that same person is still but one man with all the foibles that men have. We voted for the president, not his chief of staff.   I am choosing a slightly cooperative title for...

July 20, 2019
N8.5m monthly allowance is peanuts –Oke, suspended Rep member

(VERY INTERESTING PERSPECTIVE … and some revelations too. Though I thinnk I know this bros o. he ‘hammered’ in the House, not before) Published July 20, 2019 https://punchng.com/n8-5m-monthly-allowance-is-peanuts…/ Mr Wole Oke, a five-term member of the House of Representatives representing Oriade/Obokun Federal Constituency of Osun State, is one of those involved in the minority leadership...

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