2018 July

July 28, 2018
Will Tourism Ever Take Roots In Nigeria?

The other day, Aare Afe Babalola wrote an article. It was about Ikogosi Warm Springs and the tourist resort that was built around it. He was one of the original investors and complained about how they are yet to get any dividend therefrom, while the tourist centre is dead today. The Aare – a legal...

July 20, 2018
10 Reasons Why I Won’t Invest In Nigeria Air

Look we must commend a good initiative. Even as an opposition leader I will readily commend whatever the incumbent leaders do correctly. The launching of Nigeria Air, in keeping with the promises of President Buhari looks like a commendable move. I will not hasten to throw it out the window. But I believe it needs...

July 18, 2018
A Short History of Restructuring In Nigeria

I wrote an article recently on the restructuring debacle. There were aspects I decided not to include in that article because of length, which I hope to now consider. There were also a few reactions which I believe a further analysis and research will help clear. My take is that geopolitical restructuring is a tricky...

July 2, 2018
The Anti-Corruption War Hasn’t Started

…the struggle to roll back corruption must be strategic, pervasive, sustained, and driven by clear examples from the top. The power of repetition must be employed because we are talking of mass therapy and reprogramming here. Any government that does not get ready to do this, or tries to protect its own friends, is on...

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