2019 October

October 29, 2019
Our academia is the source of Nigeria’s rot

Listen to this. Our academia is the source of Nigeria’s rot. So unfortunate. Especially these guys from the SW. They better change their ways. We are tired of nonsense in Nigeria. If we are targeting politicians let us target politicians. But when the academia adds their own stealing, we will not take it! IPPIS IS...

October 25, 2019
Thoughts On Nigeria’s Rice Bubble

The bubble was created by the people, amplified and accelerated by the government. Profited by hardboiled bloodsucking politicians and many more predators who enjoy things like these.   I have never got involved in the rice debate. I usually try not to move with the motley crowd and I believe this pays off for me...

October 7, 2019
This is my ideology

That is why is share a lot here, I’ve attempted the craziest ambitions, I am learning so much, reading so much, and writing so much all at once Die empty* One of the most beautiful book to read is “Die Empty” by Todd Henry. The author was inspired and got this idea of writing this...

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