October 7, 2019
This is my ideology

That is why is share a lot here, I’ve attempted the craziest ambitions, I am learning so much, reading so much, and writing so much all at once Die empty* One of the most beautiful book to read is “Die Empty” by Todd Henry. The author was inspired and got this idea of writing this...

September 18, 2019
Why Nigerians Will Never Leave South Africa

A lot has been said about xenophobia and on the strained relationship between South Africa and the rest of black Africa with particular reference to Nigeria. In the past week we have seen the evacuation of Nigerians from South Africa – at least as many as want to leave. But the numbers are quite small...

June 28, 2019
Why did Buhari back down on almajiri ban?

I was glad the other day when the Federal Government announced a ban – yes an outright ban – on the very frightening and future-usurping practice called the Almajirai system. I had written on this page more than twice, about how that is the singularly most serious drawback for Nigeria, today and tomorrow. If we...

April 15, 2019
Massive Mass Child Abuse At Two Extremes

What has the world turned into? That is a very popular refrain when we contemplate how yesterday is better than today. The thought that yesterday is always better than today is documented in psychology as a cognitive bias. In truth though, yesterday is not necessarily better than today. The ‘good old days’ weren’t really as...

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