Zombification – Why Nigerians Don’t Believe Life Here Should Get Better

December 20, 2019by Tope Fasua0

In the final analysis, the average Nigeria has very little dreams, and no big vision about what his nation should be like. As Lugard noted in his 1922 book, it can now be confirmed that indeed we have no apprehension about tomorrow. Our faculties are probably unable to consider consequences beyond today. Religion often does the job. It promises a tomorrow somewhere that is a lot better than today here.

by Tope Fasua

Tope Kolade Fasua is a Nigerian ex-banker, entrepreneur, economist and writer with 28 years of work, business and policy analysis experience. He is the founder and CEO of Global Analytics Consulting Limited, an international consulting firm with its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, and footprints in the United Kingdom, USA and United Arab Emirates. Fasua has authored numerous columns on newspapers and six books. He currently keeps regular columns on policy analysis issues with Premium Times and Daily Trust newspapers.

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