2019 April

April 16, 2019
Does Bola Tinubu listen to himself?

Or I should title this; “Why Does APC Never Listen to Bola Tinubu?”  Well, there is surely something that the followers of Bola Ahmed Tinubu see in him, which some of us don’t. What we see more often is the bad news, the purported greed and alleged ownership of half of Lagos, and so on....

April 15, 2019
Massive Mass Child Abuse At Two Extremes

What has the world turned into? That is a very popular refrain when we contemplate how yesterday is better than today. The thought that yesterday is always better than today is documented in psychology as a cognitive bias. In truth though, yesterday is not necessarily better than today. The ‘good old days’ weren’t really as...

April 4, 2019
Saving the ‘grassroots’ from itself

I had given INEC a pass mark after the Presidential Elections. But by the second round of elections for State Governors and Houses of Assembly, I drastically reviewed my position. However the entire charade of an election is not an issue for INEC alone. The elections were watered by the blood of the innocent as...

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