2019 June

June 28, 2019
Why did Buhari back down on almajiri ban?

I was glad the other day when the Federal Government announced a ban – yes an outright ban – on the very frightening and future-usurping practice called the Almajirai system. I had written on this page more than twice, about how that is the singularly most serious drawback for Nigeria, today and tomorrow. If we...

June 26, 2019
So Buhari, Is This You?

In 2015 after Buhari won the elections, friends with whom I had supported his quest were so excited to get invites to Eagle Square for his inauguration. I didn’t get any such invite and I am usually not excited about ceremonies anyway. For me it should be all about the substance. No one needs to...

June 9, 2019
Abuja; The Coming War In The Big City

I was in University of Calabar recently, at the invitation of their Economics students, and one of the other speakers was an accomplished comedian/on-air personality. He made a profound statement that people (like me) who are too serious, never make money. And he is right. The powers-that-be at any point in time, also have more...

June 9, 2019
AfCFTA: For Nigeria, it’s ruin or glory

The race for competitiveness is every bit as fierce as the competition among companies in the marketplace. Countries compete for investment, talent, growth, and opportunity in a globalized world, and those that are pushed out of the running surrender the greatest prize of all: human development, prosperity, and happiness for their people” – Sheikh Muhammad Bin...

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